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Creating the Perfect Room

Buying furniture and creating the best environment for your residents can be a daunting task but our easy to follow Buyer’s Guides take you through the entire process, from thinking about how you want the room to be used, creating the best layout, and selecting the right furniture.

You want to make the best first impression and residents need to feel at home while their guests feel welcomed. A well thought-out design scheme with themes and colours linking key areas while differentiating others, creates an attractive and comfortable home for residents, and helps them to navigate their way around the scheme.

Our series of Buyers Guides takes through the planning stages and explains how to choose the right furniture or if you would like to view a completed Buckingham Interiors scheme  for inspiration, contact our Sales Team to arrange a visit, or look at our range of case studies of completed schemes.

Simple steps to future-proof your scheme

The first step is to look at the room use. What is the room currently used for and is that how you would like it to be used? Careful planning can help to create a home from home, and future-proof a scheme to attract new residents.

The Essential Guide to Perfecting Your Room Layout

When a room is carefully planned and logically laid out, not only does it help to create the right ambiance for social interaction, it also means residents are also less likely to move the furniture around.

Space Planning

A fundamental question when planning a room is how many people are going to use it which dictates how many seats and tables you will need, and don’t forget visitors as well as residents.

How you lay out your furniture can make a tremendous difference to how much residents use a room, how many residents you can fit into the room, and how easy it is to navigate around it.

Five easy ways to help visually impaired residents

Many residents can require assistance to navigate their way around a scheme and those with a visual impairment have a more pressing need.

The right lighting and décor can make a real difference to people with visual impairments, helping them to distinguish between floors and ceilings, walls and doors, and between furniture and fittings.

Living Chairs

Personal choice is often a deciding factor in selecting chairs for a lounge, however remember you are buying chairs for residents, not for you, and there are many more factors to consider, from size, seat and back height, to colours and style.

When considering how many chairs to buy, think about the size of the room they will be going into and always remember the two key words – layout and use.

Dining Chairs

You need to carefully consider the needs of your residents when selecting dining chairs. Buckingham Interiors supplies a wide range of dining chairs, all with different benefits.

The first decision is whether you want dining chairs or tub chairs. Tub chairs can create more of a bistro feel to your dining area, while many of the products in our dining chair range can be supplied with or without arms, and many come with skis if required, ideal for residents who struggle moving chairs or who need support to get up.

Living Furniture

From coffee tables to sideboards, television cabinets to bookcases, there are lots of factors to consider when deciding which products to select.

For example, residents with mobility issues will have difficulty reaching across to a low coffee table so a higher table, or a side table may be more suitable.

If you ensure you have enough storage space in your living areas, there is less likelihood of residents bringing old items of furniture into the lounge area to store things in.

Dining Tables

When selecting dining tables, the first consideration is how many residents need to be able to use them, both on a daily basis and for special occasions.

Do your residents like to sit in smaller or larger groups? This will determine the size of table you require, and think about its shape. Round tables can be more flexible as you can always add an extra chair, space permitting. If you want to discourage residents from moving tables, round tables are also a good idea because they can’t be pushed together to create unwieldy groupings which could impede movement around a room.


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