Nov 3rd 2016

Furniture on Finance?

Finance in the UK

If you need new furniture or a complete refurbishment of your scheme, you might not think of finance as a way to pay for it.

However, more and more senior living housing associations are using leasing packages to pay for everything from stationary, office and IT supplies to vehicles.

As budgets become tighter, public sector organisations are increasingly seeing finance packages as the solution, and this trend is not limited to the senior living or housing sectors.

Finance packages paid for 32% of total UK investment in equipment, machinery and software in 2015.

Senior Living Refurbishment

Buckingham Interiors have delivered ten refurbishment projects with customers using our finance packages so far.

Even housing associations with full budgets to spend on refurbishment have made leasing arrangements, seeing them as an excellent way to expand the refurbishment to more schemes and maximise their resources.

This was the case for B3 Living; to find out more, read their case study here.

Buckingham Interiors’ finance partners are members of the Finance and Leasing Association whose members provided £110 billion of new finance in 2015.

Our Finance Offer

 Buckingham Interiors provides our usual high quality contract furniture and furnishings with our one-step service and express delivery, while our leasing partner provides the funds to pay for it.

Repayment terms are flexible – from 2 to 5 years, and with low fees and fair credit terms. Fixed rates protect against interest rate rises and the finance payments are usually fully deductible against tax.

You can also spread the VAT payments over the term of the lease.

 For a small additional sum at the end of the agreement, usually the equivalent of a monthly payment, you can buy the furniture at the end of the agreement, or replace the lot and modernise again.

For more information on our finance schemes, contact our sales team on 0151 702 0570 and request a brochure.

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