Removing your old furniture

Whenever we are replacing furniture at a scheme, we are happy to collect any unwanted items and bring them back to our warehouse for reuse and recycling. Buckingham Interiors is part of FRC Group, a social enterprise, and one of our social businesses is dedicated to furniture reuse and recycling so we have the facilities, the expertise and the experience to do this efficiently and responsibly.

All preloved furniture collected as part of every refurbishment project is assessed for its reuse potential and if suitable, after minor repairs and cleaning, the items are taken to those who need them most.

As members of the national Furniture Reuse Network, we are also happy to work with partners throughout the country if clients would like preloved items to go to help people in their local area. 

All items which are not suitable for reuse are recycled. They are deconstructed and all the recyclable elements are separated and sent to our waste partners. We always follow the waste hierarchy and fully comply with waste management regulations.

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