Resident Consultation

“I enjoyed how they listened to us at the consultation.”
Resident, Merlin Housing Society

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Buckingham Interiors has delivered many resident consultations across the country, all designed to meet the specific level of involvement in the decision-making process as required by the customer.

For example resident consultation events at individual schemes gives residents the opportunity to play a full role in the redevelopment of their home, when they can select the mood board for their scheme and the furniture and furnishings they prefer to complete their scheme.

The experienced Buckingham Interiors consultation team guides and supports the residents as they make their choices, helping them to understand the scope each mood board offers, and the specification and benefits of every product available.

Involving residents in the refurbishment of schemes means they are much more likely to make more of the updated areas, but also by listening to the desires and needs of current residents means the end result will be more appealing to future residents.

To find out more about Buckingham Interiors approach to resident consultations, contact the sales team.

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